Caring for the older generation

Caring for the older generation When it comes to joints, it is very true that “rest equals rust” and “move it or lose it”. As your dog slows down he may not be able to walk or run as far as before: break up his daily exercise into 2 or 3 shorter walks rather than […]

Exercising your puppy

Exercising your puppy We’re sure you have plenty of epic adventures planned for you and your new puppy! However, it is important to be careful not to just let your puppy “run wild” for long periods of time – too much exercise at this young age can do more harm than good. The following “rules” […]

Dangers of heat stroke

Dangers of heat stroke Summer is a fun time for all, but the heat can be lethal to our pets. We really hope that knowing how to avoid heatstroke and being more aware of the risk factors and warning signs will help prevent unnecessary deaths. The most important thing to realise is that dogs and […]

Keeping our pets safe at Christmas

Keeping our pets safe at Christmas Here are some tips to keep your Christmas festive and fun but vet free… Many common foods and snacks we humans enjoy can be dangerous to our pets. Animals digest and metabolise food differently to humans which means what might be perfectly fine for us can be poisonous to […]